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We evaluate instruction, programs, and services at various points in time in their lifecycle to determine how well they are performing against identified indicators. We are equipped to perform formative, summative, process, outcome, and impact evaluations.

Process/Program Evaluation

When our clients want us to determine if their program and all related activities have been implemented as intended, we perform a process/program evaluation.

Outcome Evaluation

Outcome evaluation takes the process evaluation one step further by determine whether or not the program or process being evaluated actually effectively achieved the intended results.

Impact Evaluation

The most time consuming, but most informative way of evaluation is the impact evaluation. During this evaluation, we would work to achieve the results through process and outcome evaluation, but would add to that research and analytical activity the impact evaluation. Impact evaluation identifies evidence speaking to whether or not all resources, processes/activities, and results are achieving the desired impact.

Logic Modeling

Logic modeling serves as the foundational strategic and tactical structure for many organizations - typically nonprofits of various kinds. It is the road map that discusses in detail what inputs and processes are required to achieve short-term, medium-term and long-term results and impacts. We work with organizations to develop useful logic models through research and through facilitation.