We have broad experience building performance interventions in the following areas:

  • Manufacturing
  • Child Welfare
  • Housing/US HUD
  • Telecommunications
  • Food
  • Unions
  • Law Enforcement
  • Government
  • Academia
  • Health
  • Fleet Management
Our deep experience in the area of manufacturing quality management and quality assurance, the field of child welfare, and the field of prevention enables us to be especially agile in designing and developing performance interventions in these areas.

ISO-Standard Quality Management

Being ISO-certified requires a rigor to which other organizations do not have to adhere. We work with you to tailor this content to all levels of your workforce. We are well-versed in ISO manufacturing requirements for energy, transportation, and food. 

  • Leadership: Supporting Quality Through Informed Decision-Making 
  • The Continuous Improvement Process
  • Manufacturing Plant Management
  • Lean Six Sigma 
  • Basic Auditing
  • Generating ISO Documentation: Procedures and Work Instructions
  • Creating and Using Quality Management Systems
  • Operationalizing Quality
  • Problem-Solving

Child Welfare

Having been centrally involved in the transformation of the child welfare system in Florida, we are uniquely able to provide customized training in any of these topics. We also design structured practicum to support accountable preservice workforce development.

  • The Hotline’s Role in Keeping Children Safe
  • The Trauma-Informed Approach to Child Welfare
  • Assessing Child Safety
  • Impact of Trauma on the Child
  • Florida’s Practice Model, Child Welfare Values, and Ethics
  • Understanding the Importance of the Family
  • Understanding Child Developmental Stages
  • Adult Functioning and Effective Parenting
  • Understanding Family Systems and Generational Patterns
  • Child Abuse, Child Neglect, and Maltreatments
  • Assessing the Family Through the Six Domains
  • Present Danger and Impending Danger
  • The Similarities and Differences Between Safety and Risk
  • What is ‘Sufficient Information?’
  • Self-Care and the Child Welfare Professional
  • Child Protective Investigations
  • Adoption Services
  • Foster Care 
  • Accountable Supervision
  • Quality Control
  • Leadership
  • Maternal and Child Welfare
  • ‘Baby Whispering”
  • Maternal and Child Welfare
  • Structured Practicum


Below are examples of prevention trainings that we can tailor to your workforce. 

Change By Design earned a designation as a National Best Practice for Behavioral Health Workforce Development for one of the institutes we designed for a client!
  • Risk and Protective Factors
  • Developmental Assets
  • Social Marketing
  • Assessing Community Needs
  • Program Logic Modeling
  • Sexual Violence Against Women
  • Environmental Strategies
  • Implementing the Strategic Prevention Framework
  • Prevention Workforce Development in Change Agency: 
    • Applying Motivational Strategies to Speak and Train More Effectively
    • Working with Groups
    • Developing Self-Efficacy in Your At-Risk Children and Adolescents
    • Making Real Change Happen
    • Effectively Changing Attitudes
    • Using Social Learning to Facilitate Change
  • Multicultural Counseling
  • Developing Resilience in the following At-Risk Populations:
    • Teen Pregnancy
    • Dropping Out of School
    • Violence
    • Substance Abuse


We understand the unique challenges that nonprofits face and are here to help you thrive. Examples of courses we have designed and developed include:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Funder and Potential Funder Communication Skills
  • The Media Communication Skills
  • Policymaker Communication Skills
  • Making Effective Decisions as a Middle Manager
  • Leveraging the Change Process in Your Organization