Over the years Change By Design has expanded what we offer to include facilitation services to help your organization solve problems, agilely navigate change, and assess your performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

Facilitated Problem-Solving and Negotiation

Change by Design understands that you might need help in determining the best way forward for your company or organization. We believe that often you already have the answers and will work closely with you to surface those insights that only your people have.

We offer our proven performance product for your employees to assist with competing agendas, poor problem-solving ability, and the sheer enormity of an issue that is preventing your organization from doing the work that needs to be done. We prepare through deep research, interviews, surveys, and observations, so that we understand the 'behind the scenes' issues that might be blocking things. Our facilitation efforts can help solve large system issues, such as why foster care children are not being adopted - Check out our case study.

Organizational Agility Certification

Most successful companies and organizations will regularly take a day or two or three to determine next steps. When strategic planning and tactical, or action, planning is required, turn to Change by Design. We will not only facilitate effective solutions, but we will even handle all meeting planning-related activities around the event.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

There are other times, such as with community discussions and new land developments, where an outside faciliator is needed to wade through all issues and bring resolution. Change by Design has seasoned facilitators who will expertly guide the assembled group through to achieve the best solution for the issue.