Performance improvement is a set of tools designed to identify ways to make business processes and policies better.

Bringing change to any organization requires a deep understanding of how change works, how people work, and how evidence-based change processes are best woven into organizational initiatives.

Here at Change By Design, we rely on our strong expertise and experience within the disciplines of psychology, communication, business, and education to help bring about positive performance improvements within your organization


We determine the root cause(s) for the organization's performance issue(s) and deliver our recommendations to improve the system so that the performance problem is eliminated...or mitigated.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

We work with clients to identify key performance indicators within teams, departments, and organizations. We then align the data with specific KPIs to track their progress.

Process Improvement

We work with clients to identify ways to make business processes and policies better.

Change Management

We support client organization change initiatives through their implementation and adjustment periods. We also provide the necessary communication strategy to ensure employee buy-in. We specialize in addressing pockets of resistance which, if not addressed, could lead to a derailment of the process.

Strategic Planning

We provide strategic planning at three levels: inputs/processes, micro-level products, and macro-level outputs.We align products and service to stakeholder requirements and identify the impacts. The end result is a strategic and tactical road map with detailed action plans.

Logic Modeling

We work with clients to develop logic models that serve as roadmaps around their process, program, and/or services, enabling us to evaluate a program at various stages in its lifecycle. In addition to interview protocols and deep research, we work closely with relevant stakeholders to establish and validate their logic model. 

Cost/Benefit Analysis

We analyze options your organization is considering adopting to determine the tangible and hidden costs, as well as the tangible and hidden benefits. Doing this provides useful information to make effective, informed decisions in high-stakes situations.

Policy Analysis

We work with governmental clients to review the impact a new law or policy will have on a constituent population. We carefully and comprehensively look at the proposed policy from a variety of stakeholder perspectives to determine if, how, and to what extent it will achieve its goals.