Instructional design is the science behind making workplace training effective.

Course and Large Curriculum Design, Development and Delivery

To design effective learning products, we work to understand the skills to be instructed, the characteristics of the learners, and how both the delivery environments and the training might impact the target audience.

Our classical training in systematic instructional design, tailored messaging, and change enables us to creatively apply the ADDIE model and other evidence-based theories, models and strategies to create effective learning in any delivery medium.


Analysis is the foundation upon which we build effective performance improvement solutions. Depending upon the client requirements, we engage in various types of analysis to understand employee thinking, situations, jobs, tasks, and missing elements that are required for success.

Through interviews, observations, brainstorming, focus groups, the delphi technique, and other data gathering methods, we assemble enough information so that we deeply understand these issues. We then use our set of analysis tools - both qualitative and quantitative - to see meaning in the data and draw necessary conclusions. 

We believe in data, but we also believe in the perceptions of those we interview and work with. Stakeholders often know pieces of the solution - it’s up to us to bring that information forward.