For over 22 years, Dr. Sue Ebbers, Founder and President of Change by Design, has been helping businesses, nonprofits, and governments achieve effective change through performance improvement and instructional design solutions. She knows what it takes to succeed at meeting client needs and has great passion around sharing these time-proven principles of learning and change with her audiences. Whoever hires Sue to speak to their group will savor her authentic and engaging way of connecting with and educating her audiences. Audiences, in turn, will walk away with plenty of actionable insights to discuss when they return to the workplace.


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Topics for Organizational Change

These talks are always tailored to the available as a one-hour keynote. They are also available in expanded formats: either half-day or full-day.

Solutions for Chaos            

In many areas of business and in life, we must learn and change. From new technologies to making our businesses more efficient with fewer resources to personal events in our lives…we must adapt, or we will be left behind. To keep up, we have to be more effective at changing, even in the midst of chaos. How do we do this?

In this presentation, Sue Ebbers talks through some of the change challenges we face and why they are occurring. She shows how savvy, smart, well-developed coping skills are the most important set of skills you can have. And lastly, she explains seven key principles from her consulting work in change and learning that will transform your ability to change.

Effective Training: The ROI of Instructional Design

Nothing against stepchildren at all, but the reality is that for many organizations, training is treated like the true performance improvement stepchild, rarely getting the support, resources or respect due to it. It doesn’t have to be that way! The science of instructional design is sound and provides clear, effective guidance to those trained to apply this guidance in any learning system – instructor-led, eLearning, blended learning…even simulations!

In her talk, Sue delivers a passionate, compelling argument – based on years of experience - for precisely how workforce development can truly deliver organizational impact. She’ll give you examples of what to look for when shopping for training that transforms and will provide you with an informed checklist you can use to evaluate any type of training vendor or training materials to determine if your investment is going to be sound.

Disrupting Today for Tomorrow’s Workforce

These days the rate of change in organizations is exponential, and the need to adapt is essential. The role of technology in this transformation cannot be disputed. In this world of constant change, Chief Learning Officers and senior HR professionals need an effective organizational strategy that delivers workforce motivation, learning, and change.

In this presentation, Sue Ebbers paints a strategic and tactical roadmap that guides decision-makers to their optimal end result. She provides alternatives to consider, along with the cost-benefit for each. Audience members will be able to brainstorm with her about their challenges in real time and will walk away with new tools to implement to support workforce learning and change.

These presentations are available as one-hour keynotes, as well as half-day or full-day training formats. Dr. Ebbers is also available for an opening session coupled with a breakout session.

 Topics for Personal Change

Everyone has a life story, everyone. For years, Sue Ebbers’ faith-based journey through life has been a quiet story she’s not shared with many people, but now she believes that it’s time to share parts of her life that can help and inspire others to persist in the face of virtually impossible odds. Sue offers an open book of her life in four focusing talks that are guaranteed to produce smiles, tears, and engagement on a deep personal level. Audiences will always walk away with a picture and actionable steps on how to climb out of whatever challenging – even impossible – situations in which they might find themselves.

Conquering Your Grand Canyon

What are your dreams? What are the challenges in your life? Are you stuck in wondering how you’re ever going to move forward? We all have those points in life. And hiking the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim was, for Sue Ebbers, a HUGE challenge for several reasons. Being old enough to be a grandmother was just the first of many!

In her passionate tale of striving to overcome challenges and persevering to her goal despite real health problems that arose, Sue shares with you how she conquered her Grand Canyon. Inspired and guided by her commitment to herself to never live in regret, Sue invites you to reconsider dreams gone by and say “yes!” to the things that your heart still calls you to do.

Eating Me Whole

Never one to carry extra weight, Sue suddenly found herself unable to stop the slow steady climb her scale registered. In one try after another, over eight long years, her best efforts to shed the weight failed. But through her painful struggle, hard work, and a determination to not give up, Sue learned to let go of a difficult past and journey forward to - first - love herself, weight and all, and then to slowly drop the pounds that refused before to budge. Anyone facing body and weight issues will gain strength, encouragement, and useful ideas on how to reframe their struggle in a gentler, more compassionate, and effective manner.

From Death to Life: A 45-Year Journey to Return to Me

Few people have had to walk a path like Sue’s. From being voted Most Likely to Succeed by her high school class and graduating second academically, to an abusive first marriage, to losing quite literally everything – her children to her abuser, her house, her career, even her mind for awhile buried trauma surfacing for the first time…to her slow climb up and out …Sue details how, with faith in God’s help and love, she escaped midnight shadows and now joyfully stands in the sunlight. Sue wants to share her journey with you and how she defied her impossible scenario so that you can defy your odds and be the one most likely to succeed in every area of your life.

Generational Healing: A Personal Story

So many times in life, we carry forward…often for generations…sets of family beliefs and dynamics that are founded in trauma and other difficult experiences. Listen to this moving story of how – with God’s help – Sue has healed a number of her family’s generational patterns to bring about a healthier her and a transformed family unit going forward. Are you stuck in family patterns that keep repeating themselves and feeling helpless as you see things spinning forward without any ability to make changes? Are you willing to face life-long beliefs and make changes to them…even beliefs rooted in trauma? Sue’s story will help you see that these changes can be made with courage and determination to achieve a different life for you and your family going forward.