Certification in HIV Surveillance was a credential that all public health workers in Texas, among others, needed to be able to obtain. Change by Design worked with a team of subject matter experts to design and develop five hours of skills-focused training on the basics of HIV Surveillance.

In this particular case, we had to build a great deal of rigor around the strength of the content, as well as a number of interactive knowledge processing points throughout the six modules. We developed an assessment framework and set of assessment items that they had to pass in order to be certified for HIV Surveillance. The client wanted very little narration, so much of the content needed to appear on the screen. And for all of this information, we had to create a way to easily explain very complicated information in a way that even people without a post-secondary education would be able to understand.

The client also asked us to create a custom template for their modules as well as clear infographics on such things as the flow of the Texas HIV Surveillance process from patient encounter to the national reporting system. We’ve provided you with a ‘look’ at the template as well as one of our infographics that portrayed the system of HIV surveillance in Texas.

Template and Infographic (1).png