GE Energy’s Global Quality group wanted two important quality areas to receive major attention through the design and development of training for basic auditing and writing documentation. Change by Design made this typically mundane content come alive with rich storytelling and virtual instructor-led training. 


GE Energy had an army of people worldwide who required training in quality systems. They were especially interested in training all employees - over 100,000 - on basic auditing and documentation skills. They wanted to be able to deliver this training anywhere in the world, but only had a handful of instructors to do so.

Enter Change by Design.

We agreed to design and develop a curriculum that consisted both PreWork and virtual instructor led training (vILT).

Authentic problem-based case studies were introduced in the PreWork, where participants learned the basic skills and worked on application activities. Then, tightly scripted vILT classes held them accountable. It was during these sessions that participants had to provide their PreWork answers and where discussion happened. 

Not only did GE Energy get best-in-class training, but they now could save money delivering the class worldwide… without ever stepping on a plane!