Understanding the standards that direct the quality of product manufacturing was essential for all employees of a top-tier candy company. Change by Design was responsible for designing and storyboarding this essential eLearning course.

This company had worked hard to identify all content for this 45-minute eLearning course, and they hired virtual company Sweetrush to design and develop this eLearning. Sweetrush contracted with Change by Design to do this work for them. 

Although this was our first foray into food manufacturing, the subject matter focus on quality standards was very familiar. After carefully absorbing the meaning of all content, we generated a detailed design document. Once approved, we developed the eLearning storyboard. 

Change by Design made sure that the training was full of scenario-based knowledge check practice. We also developed a motivational end-of-course set of activities which highlighted the importance of keeping customers happy with the candy products they buy.