Effective problem-solving is part of our massive tool kit, and the foundational tool within problem solving is needs assessment and analysis.

A needs assessment is a process by which we gather a list of current results and desired results from interviews with key stakeholders.

Next we identify the gaps and organize this information hierarchically, based on impact on society, impact on customers/clients, and impact within the company. 

A needs analysis takes that assessment and digs deeper. 

We must learn more, because there are always reasons why each gap in results exists. Uncovering these reasons takes time. During needs analysis, we work with a large quantity of information to examine the gaps in results at multiple levels.

Tedious? YES! But also effective.

Once we have completed our analysis, we have scoped out the entire system, we understand the issues, and we see a path forward to design the solution that will close ALL gaps in results.

When our clients fully embrace the solutions we recommend, their organization works more effectively than ever before.