Recently, Change by Design had the opportunity to attend the annual Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce Conference in Amelia Island, Florida.

The Chamber’s planning and execution were flawless. From TED talk speaker and artist Phil Hansen to great breakout sessions to discussions about the present and future of Tallahassee and the role of business to a phenomenal farm-to-table gourmet extravaganza and fantastic entertainment by Tallahassee Nights Live... The programming was first rate, and the opportunities for meeting people were plentiful!

Shifting our business model from one of deep solo work and bringing in teams when needed... to now being a marketer of the business and having teams do more of the work... has taken time. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do and don’t think I’ll ever stop working directly for clients needing instructional design and performance improvement solutions. But I want Change by Design to be less about me and more about the amazing talent I can bring to each project. 

This meant a change in approach, and a change in how I networked. I’m really appreciative of the many wonderful connections I was able to make.

I look forward to turning those terrific new connections into clients and friends!

Thanks, Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce, for being so good at what you do for me and our Tallahassee business community!