Last year we had the privilege of working closing with the corporate training and development department at a premium big truck company, as well as with dealership sales associates from all parts of the United States and Canada.

It was one of those "perfect storms" - in a positive way.

This client wanted the best practice of best practices in terms of our developing a unique competency model for three levels of their sales associate, and we were able to deliver in spades.

that's our sweet Spot!

Not only that, but they were just nice people… hardworking, passionate, highly knowledgeable, and fun to be with. We bonded over our passion for effective learning and change, as well as an enjoyment of good food during our travels throughout North America. They valued what Change By Design had to offer, and they were thrilled with what we delivered

Beyond the competency model, they now have a very clear directive map on what courses they will require in order to build an effective workforce development and succession plan for sales associates who are at any level of productivity.

Of course, you can't always have clients as perfect as these, but having had more than a taste with these lovely people, as well as other terrific clients the last ten years, it motivates us to work hard to secure clients who want what our company has to offer.