The long-term business relationship that Change By Design had with the Center for Prevention Workforce Development (CPWD) led to a national best practice institute and countless eLearning trainings.

Prevention is the very important work of stopping a set of behavioral issues - like substance abuse, teen pregnancy, violence, and dropping out of school - before they ever start. Prevention is a very tough sell. After all, how do you build capacity to stop things before they even start?

Change By Design is always up to the challenge, as proven by our longstanding relationship with Florida’s Center for Prevention Workforce Development(CPWD). In typical forward- thinking fashion, the CPWD Director allowed us to fully utilize evidence-based instructional design practices, and the results are self-evident. 

Over the years, we have collaborated on countless eLearning modules within the CPWD learning management system. One of our trainings was even recognized as a National Best Practice in Behavioral Health Workforce Development.

We absolutely LOVE working with clients who trust us enough to fully exercise our craft so that learning transformation occurs with significant measurable impact!