For products to be taken seriously, manufacturing companies will typically adhere to rigorous quality standards. GE Transportation hired Change by Design to build a training that conveyed ISO quality requirements to over 10,000 employees worldwide.

Having deep experience in developing organizational capacity around ISO standards, Change by Design knew that this type of training had to appeal to a wide audience. It had to make sense to the executive leadership, without being boring, but also to the hourly worker, without being overly complex. 

We used one problem-based case study to introduce basic quality concepts and a second one to tie in quality standards. We then designed and developed an instructor-led follow-up training to add deeper layers of understanding through innovative use of story, colorful diagrams, flowcharts, images, and frequent use of interactive learning activities.

In the end, participants were fully prepared to apply the standard in their work. Change by Design knows the stakes are high in manufacturing. Failure to adhere to standards can lead to millions of dollars in problems.