During the recent housing crisis, Change by Design was hired by ICATT, Inc. to develop a curriculum to help real-estate-owned groups protect abandoned homes and prepare them for sale.

In 2008-09, the US housing market was in serious trouble. Foreclosures were rampant! Change by Design helped deliver an instructor-led training would enable real-estate-owned groups to legally protect abandoned homes and transform them into properties worthy of being sold.

Change by Design worked as part of the larger ICATT, Inc. team to design and develop several weeks of curriculum. Joining the team after the design had been completed, we helped deliver nearly a week’s worth of skills-based training both on-time and on-budget.

We also assisted US HUD officials in recording training sessions to adapt the material for  eLearning delivery. Change by Design transformed the face-to-face curriculum into a guide with offline activities to support the video training.

Change by Design was successfully able to handle this change in scope and to give the client the results they want to achieve.