Official Press Release - Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce

Change by Design Fulfilling Governor’s Executive Order – Sexual Harassment eLearning

Change by Design, a Tallahassee management consulting company that focuses on instructional design and performance improvement, announced today a partnership with Florida Department of Children and Families.

The goal is to build effective compliance eLearning to train employees how to identify and report sexual harassment.

This training is the result of recent events earlier this year, leading Governor Scott to issue an executive order requiring all state departments and agencies to develop sexual harassment training for their employees.

In response, Florida Department of Children and Families selected Change by Design to design and develop two eLearning courses. One course is for all employees statewide, and the other is for DCF managers and supervisors.

Dr. Sue Ebbers, President of Change by Design, was thrilled to provide a different approach to this type of compliance training. “Usually compliance training is boring and doesn’t do much to help people be able deal effectively with sexual harassment situations. Through video- and text-based scenarios, we are providing all DCF employees will more than enough practice to identify sexual harassment and know how to handle it.”

Through this unique approach, Florida’s Department of Children and Families will be far better able to enforce their policy of zero tolerance towards sexual harassment.

Celebrating 10 years of business this year, Change by Design is an award-winning management consulting company that works with government, companies and other organizations to improve their performance through learning and change.

From Fortune 500 companies to local businesses, from local non-profits to the federal government, Dr. Sue Ebbers and her consultant team provide two types of focused solutions. We enable workforce talent to do their jobs well through customized training of all types, and we strategically transform talent and organizational processes to produce highly-acclaimed results and achieve positive, durable impact.

Change by Design has proven experience in telecommunications, banking, manufacturing, education, energy, pharmaceuticals, electronic commerce, transportation, health and prevention, child welfare/prevention/social services, law enforcement, associations, national nonprofits, and academia sectors.