Recently Change by Design had the opportunity to meet with the managers of a manufacturing company that is growing by leaps and bounds in Tallahassee, Florida. Having added 50 new employees in the last year and being poised to add many more employees in the years to come, leadership decided it was time to start a conversation around developing and implementing a formal Quality Management System within their company structure.

While they brought strong institutional knowledge and employee longevity to the table, they knew there were significant areas that needed improvement.

In our discussions with them, we felt privileged to provide this team with a clear vision and understanding of what a quality management system is, how it operates, and a description of the main elements within a formal quality management system.

While they had some QMS understanding before our talk, they walked away with their situation clearly scoped out and a bullet list of concrete next steps that will need to take to move them towards a formalized quality management system.

Even though their culture is strong and positively value-laden, and even though they also have some very good quality processes in place, they now have a clearer understanding of the kind of large and rather expensive change they will be grappling with.