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Top-Tier Fleet Management

Following the merger of two companies, Change by Design was hired by San Francisco company Sweetrush to analyze the united company’s new operational processes and provide a guidance report for their workforce development efforts.


During the recent housing crisis, Change by Design was hired by ICATT, Inc. to develop a curriculum to help real-estate-owned groups protect abandoned homes and prepare them for sale.

GE Transportation

For products to be taken seriously, manufacturing companies will typically adhere to rigorous quality standards. GE Transportation hired Change by Design to build a training that conveyed ISO quality requirements to over 10,000 employees worldwide.


Change by Design transformed OSHA’s national workplace safety training into an eLearning module.

Center for Prevention Workforce Development

Change by Design partnered with the Center for Prevention Workforce Development (CPWD) to produce number of eLearning trainings resulting in a national best practice institute.

GE Energy

Change by Design was hired by GE Energy to develop a complex learning simulation teach their leadership how to engage with the quality process of continuous improvement.